New Year's Eve

Режиссеры Charles Chang

Сценаристы Charles Chang

Продюсеры Charles Chang


Продолжительность 00:03:12

Страна Канада


On New Year’s Eve, there is one family preparing dinner and decorating the room. Father is hanging the red lantern; kids are running after each other around the table. Mother put down one dish on the table and goes to take out dumplings from pot. As the steam rises, it turns clear and noodle appears in the pot. There is young girl is cooking the noodle alone, and then she takes a bowl to the table. Then she sits down and stares at her mom’s photo. Flash back to last New Year’s Eve; her mom is cooking while she is sticking a poster on the window. As the door belt rings, her mom goes to open the door, there are two policemen come in and grab her mom away. One of the policemen pushes young girl down while she is crying and holding her mom’s hand. Flash back to young girl wet eyes, the doorbell rings again, she stands up and open the door. The family takes all the dishes to her home and celebrates New Year together.