A Meeting with Childhood

Режиссёры Shubham Mishra

Сценаристы Shubham Mishra

Продюсеры Shubham Mishra


Продолжительность 00:05:06

Страна Индия


The film is based on the theme of "education". Being educated is to contemplate the purpose of education; why we learn and what we learn. "Unfortunately, we have never been taught the purpose of education. All our life, we do rote learning(a highly monotonous task), which is not conceptual learning, and never really care about clearing our concepts. Learning becomes effective and meaningful if teaching method is innovative and interesting, and it can be achieved only by knowing the purpose of education." For this purpose, Shubham(educator) employs innovative method to teach his cousin Akshat(learner) not only "swaras"(Hindi vowels) but also the purpose of learning "swaras" and their importance in Hindi language in an interesting way. The film climaxes with the message that education does not teach us materialism, it teaches us the purpose of human life, and the purpose of human life is to be creative, progressive, ethical and most importantly to be of use.