Permanent Imprisonment

Режиссёры Hazel Gadiaza

Сценаристы EJ Barnuevo

Продюсеры n/a

Жанр Suspense

Продолжительность 00:06:13

Страна Филиппины


A young man found himself in a dilemma of entering a facility that unknowingly where these different types of people with a red ribbon came from. Upon entering he found himself stripped from his clothes in a confusion of his whereabouts. A doctor and a nurse discreetly helped him to stand on his feet implying him to keep quiet for his own safety and anonymity. After recieving the bad news of his HIV testing he then realizes the context of what was happening outside the building. The horror of being seen by the public. The disgust that creeps the victim like a smell that last enough to identify. The societal after effects after going to that building.