Режиссёры John Connors

Сценаристы John Connors

Продюсеры Tiernan Williams

Жанр Social realism, Existential documentary

Продолжительность 00:07:48

Страна Ирландия


This short film is a directorial debut from acclaimed actor John Connors. It covers themes of identity, marginalization in the context of the pressures felt in a globalized world by many small communities. The film questions what has been lost with the modernization of indigenous cultures and minority groups in our ever-connected communities. What values do we wish to preserve and what we allow to be lost. Is it okay to be different or are we striving to be a homogenous culture in the coming years?The film uses strong imagery from John's Traveller community and the Berber Tribe of North Africa. It also has an amazing score and poetry that creates a reflective short documentary, about nostalgia for a dying world. The central metaphor in the film is of "the eternal campfire" an ancient place where culture and heritage, have been passed down among the different generations for millennia. What happens if the flames of these fires are extinguished in our constant drive for progress?