Режиссёры Marat Shakhmanov

Сценаристы Marat Shakhmanov

Продюсеры Marat Shakhmanov


Продолжительность 00:25:44

Страна Россия


Guarazoca - the mystery of the island Ferro. Romantic drama " Guarazoca", which tells about a girl from the island of Ferro (Hierro) on behalf of Guarazoca. The daughter of the bimbache chief, Guarazoca, fell in love with a young man who arrived on the island as part of Jean Betancourt's military unit. She revealed to him the secret of the sacred Garoe tree, which produced drinking water. Revealing the method of production of drinking water, Guarazoca saved his beloved's life. But bimbache condemned the chief's daughter for revealing a secret to a foreigner , in defiance of the strictest prohibition... (All filming took place on the Caspian sea and in the Caucasus mountains.)