Language unites

Режиссёры Angelina Turskaya

Сценаристы Alexander Chernobrovkin

Продюсеры Alexander Chernobrovkin


Продолжительность 00:05:00

Страна Украина


The young guy Andrew comes with the tour to a European city. He is not interested in listening to the guide, but he is completely dedicated to his hobby - to photograph interesting people. Wandering around the city, the boy catches the bright girl in the lens. Andrew, and according to the Google translator, Andy, is trying to engage in conversation with this girl, and finally he succeeds. Andy cleverly hides his Google-souffler, but suddenly realizes that the time has come out and the phone has been discharged. Andy desperately searches for someone who could show the way to the center where the bus awaits him, but he does not know any other language, only his native. And who knows what the experiment would turn out, if it was not revealed that an African American girl in the European city has an excellent command of Ukrainian.