Noah's Ark

Режиссёры Wang Sihan

Сценаристы Wang Sihan

Продюсеры Wang Sihan & Wu Nan


Продолжительность 00:29:43

Страна Китай


Synopsis of the story: Gao Jianlin, an old man who relied on berthing, opposed the village chief's plan to build the bridge and competed with it, but the iron boat that was in disrepair caused his only grandson, Lele, to change his attitude toward building the bridge. Promise that the village chief sells the ship to apply for the funds for the bridge repair project. In order to let Lele stand up again, Gao Jianlin, who was caught in the soft underbelly, was forced to collude with the village head, but the village chief redeemed the son of gambling debts with the poverty alleviation funds of the bridge repair. In the end, the bridge was broken, and the uninformed villagers were still celebrating the completion of the bridge, and there was a secret behind the shipwreck...