Режиссёры Bibek k panda

Сценаристы Bibek k panda, Srujani sahoo

Продюсеры Bpf


Продолжительность 00:10:00

Страна Индия


A young boy papu he is transgender he is newly engaged with sunita.but papu is not happy with this life.he is afraid to show the transgender look to the society.he tries to release himself fom this identity once he lock himself on his room and don't talk to any one and doesn't respond any call or message.he feels irritated with his clothes and Beards.tears his shirt and save the beard and take bath and come to the dressing table and Wear kurti (femal clothes) and took some mekup on his face and he feels very happy and starring him self on mirror and cryin and take a knife and trying to cut his neck . suddenly some one knocked the door and papu trying to hide the stufs and Clean his mek-up . suddenly he thought some thing and hold his hand and put down and goes to the door and opened .