Режиссеры Rahul Roye

Сценаристы Rahul Roye

Продюсеры Anupriyo Chatterjee


Продолжительность 00:30:00

Страна Индия


There are these two women, a terminally ill daughter and her mother, pursuing surrogacy in order to earn money for her daughter's treatment, dwell on the verge of life and death, same as us. The apartment(metaphor to life), they are residing in, isn't their, but of the friend(metaphor to death) of this baby's father(metaphor to Almighty), the lady is carrying in her womb. In this apartment of strange memories and forsaken tomorrows, these two women wait for death and while waiting, they pass their time with life and waiting for the friend to come late, maybe by winter, to take over the place and retreat them. They both have accepted death of the daughter as sun-rises-at-east thing, knowing that even if she doesn't die out of this disease, she will die of another, eventually, just like herself and the baby she is waiting to kick in her womb. And, alike us, they live happily ever after, until death.