Режиссёры Carlos Adair Calderón Díaz

Сценаристы Cesar David Perez , Carlos Adair Calderón Díaz

Продюсеры Montserrat González, Rodrigo Buen rostro, Pedro Larios


Продолжительность 00:14:01

Страна Мексика


Paty, a psychology student, is a cheerful young woman accustomed to the routine. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she meets Juan, a serious guy who finds pleasure in watching the pain of others in horror movies. Paty, intrigued by this, begins to discover herself by realizing that she and Juan share weird tendencies. After Paty allowed herself to be guided by the forbidden pleasures of her fantasies, she is caught in a dilemma: to submerge into her sins by Juan’s hand, or to escape from an unacceptable life.