Heaven is not for everyone

Режиссёры Pavel Pantin

Сценаристы Pavel Pantin

Продюсеры Pavel Pantin

Жанр Drama, Melodrama

Продолжительность 00:29:59

Страна Россия


Who will comfort you after your first loss? Of course, father. Dad can easily make you laugh, a cheerful, full of life man that makes every day with him a holiday. Even the funeral of common dove-birdy turns into a performance with thurible and holy water. The Dove is buried according to the traditions, and it’s a miracle! It flies out of the ground. Maybe there’s nothing horrible in death and everyone who dies gets to Heaven.For Yana dad – is best on Earth… But none for everyone. For most he is a descended man: nobody wants to deal with him. A drunkard that is speeding toward the abyss. And when he dies only Yana misses him. Yana imagines that her Dad like a dove will ascend to Heaven. But miracles happen rarely. And, maybe not everyone is worth a place in Heaven?