The Good Wife

Режиссёры Prataya Saha

Сценаристы Prataya Saha, Benu Bina Banik

Продюсеры Anshulika Kapoor

Жанр drama, thriller, suspense

Продолжительность 00:16:59

Страна Индия


The time was December, 1992 -a time of great upheaval, tension, sorrow and uncertainty in the old and ageing city of Kolkata (then Calcutta), eastern India.Inspired by true stories & produced and part-written by two female artists, 'The Good Wife', is an award winning short film, that revolves around the highs, lows, joys, defeat & triumphs of a woman in the course of a single day; a woman whose character we have not given a name. The character is a woman whom we have not named because she is an epitome of an ancient and seemingly eternal typecast, ‘The Good Wife’ and thus can be anyone; your friend across the street, your colleague, your mother, sister, etc.The juxtaposition of the two words ‘Good’ and ‘Wife’ has over the centuries become an ubiquitous enigma, used by patriarchs, matriarchs, religion and political systems, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, men, women, etcetera, etcetera to mould, manipulate, malign, humiliate, kill and even love those women; those women, who have unfortunately been crowned with this undesired title.This is a story in the day of one such woman meandering in the streets of a curfew hit city to get her husband’s favourite food on the occasion of her marriage anniversary which he may or may not remember. This is the story in the day of the woman when she understands her love for him is as real as her as her years of social conditioning.We not only transport the audience visually to an era 25 years back, but also, retrospectively throw light on how little (or how much) has changed over the last two and half decades in the lives of these seemingly ‘Good Wives’. We hope our film, ‘The Good Wife,’ is finally able to demystify the plight of this large section of society that exists even today and finally bring forth to the world, their voices, which till now have been echoing in the inside chambers of their hearts.