You're my soldier

Режиссёры Paweł Cichoński

Сценаристы Wiktor Obrok, Paweł Cichoński, Artur Sitkowski, Paweł Jędrysiak, Agata Skrzypek, Łukasz Winkler

Продюсеры Paweł Cichoński

Жанр Thriller, War/Anti-War

Продолжительность 00:08:02

Страна Польша


A little girl gathers a few toy soldiers to conduct a battle.This film has been produced entirely within 48 hours after drawing 2 random genres from the hat (thriller and war/anti-war film) and having the mandatory elements of the plot assigned:a character - Stefan/Barbara Piszczalka, a soldiera prop - a dumbbella dialogue line - 'Repaint it!'a city symbol of - Warsaw