Light By Bedside

Режиссёры JD Chua


Продюсеры Jasmine Tay


Продолжительность 00:15:00

Страна Сингапур


After coming back home from school, CHARLIE goes about completing his chores and his homework in the day. When his mother SUE returns home at night, he goes to her for assistance in his homework. Sue remains awake to study for her tourist license while the boy turns in for the night. A fuse blows out, prompting a blackout in the apartment. While working on the power junction, Sue observes that Charlie is afraid of the dark. She sits him down and shares with him an event on how he overcame his inability to ride the bicycle by himself. She would like him to use the same tenacity to overcome his fear of the dark.
After the power returns, Charlie considers what Sue had said and heads to bed. He switches the light at the bedside off.