Voice Of Silence

Режиссеры Debraj Naiya

Сценаристы Debraj Naiya

Продюсеры Neelanjana Chattopadhyay, Debraj Naiya

Жанр Experimental, Drama, Women

Продолжительность 00:20:41

Страна Индия


The mute suffering of a molested girl vibrates through all the imageries in the film ‘Voice of Silence’. As the girl watches television shows and listens to reports regarding recent cases of rape, she is haunted by the cacophony and also by the continuous outburst of news related to molestation of girls. Down memory lanes, she can witness her own platitude in a flash. This alludes too to the burning of widows alive and also to other mythological female-characters who were once, and are still continuing to be, sacrificed to the ruthless society dominated by the male-sex. Here, girls are like kites tied to the thread, playfully flying by man. The vast sea of life roars behind the girl, as if Nature has the ultimate voice of protest against every evil. Sound of machines, the music of the immersion of deity, recital from classical hymn – all auditory perceptions merge into the sight of the limitless sea, into its eternal voice, which is the final metaphor of life universal.