Nirjan - The Isolated

Режиссёры Prataya Saha

Сценаристы Anshulika Kapoor

Продюсеры Red Polka Productions

Жанр Drama, family

Продолжительность 00:12:28

Страна Индия


With the breaking down of society in marginal familial structure and people in general getting busier, the elderly in many cases are left for old age homes or are living alone.Nirjan is a short film that touches the subject of the steady increase in Depression and alienation of the elderly citizens; a topic which we felt needed attention.The film portrays the life of an elderly gentleman as he tries to keep himself afloat in a timeless loop interspersed by moments of depression, bouts of hallucinations and amnesia as the memories of his happier days keep him alive as much as plummets him into darkness.Thus, we endeavor to sensitize the audience on this fragile issue and portray the difficulties the elderly face in their seemingly stagnant lives.