Режиссеры Luis Utges Blesa

Сценаристы Luis Utges Blesa

Продюсеры Ohiane Ibarretxe

Жанр fantasy, horror, thriller

Продолжительность 00:13:25

Страна Испания


Mr. Ferre is interrupted his trip of pleasure by Capri to enter through a dark passage that will take him to a mysterious mansion, where he awaits an enigmatic butler who Pampers fulfilling all his desires. in the place while observing old guests in period paintings, a crackling fire illuminates the room. Mr. Ferre comfortable and aloof reclines on the sofa Louis XIV. Nothing seems to stop time except a hourglass that is shortening the moment it will revive the most distressing moments of his past, where Mr. Ferre was victim and executioner. Butler invoking his childhood will try to rescue the child who was once pure and innocent, so that Mr. Ferre can finally redeem himself and abandon the cruel revenge of guilt.