This night

Режиссёры Pratham Khurana

Сценаристы Pratham Khurana

Продюсеры Whistling Woods International, Caroline Williams


Продолжительность 00:05:00

Страна Индия


Namrata is living alone in Dalhousie where one night she hears a car crash outside her house. The victim of the car crash is Rizwan. Namrata lets him in her house, provides him with the necessary first-aids and keeps staring at the taveez that he is wearing, wide-eyed. During the conversation that takes place, Rizwan understands that Namrata is a widow and tells her that he is a widower too. Namrata understands that Rizwan is a muslim and in her grief & stereotypical mind she makes him the reason for her husband's death and in trance, takes out a gun and points at Rizwan which misses him. Rizwan- understanding her grief, walks towards her and gives her the sympathy she required because of which they form an emotional bond. They later go into the bedroom and use each other's presence to feel the presence of their partners and let their physical and mental vulnerabilities out. They smell each other, hold hands and talk to their dead partners in a rather romanticised manner. In this process, the conversation they have with their lovers helps them relieve the guilt they had on their shoulders with regards to their partners death.