The Tea Strainer

Режиссеры Hreek Mukherjee

Сценаристы Hreek Mukherjee

Продюсеры Anandamoy Mukherjee, Rita Mukherjee, Hreek Mukherjee


Продолжительность 00:14:19

Страна Индия


A surreal story that builds around when a broken tea-strainer goes missing from a tea shop. the whole state goes into a panic mode. The tea shop owner becomes a celebrity over night, the political parties engage in a rollercoaster foreplay of an undesired consequence the public plays their part of extremists and non extremist entity eventually making it a nationwide sensation with the political parties encashing their opinion with unheard and illogical bunch of promises before the election. Somewhat a metaphorically humorous take that dramatises on the context of the contemporary situation that we all live in.