Режиссеры Francesca Lolli

Сценаристы Francesca Lolli

Продюсеры Alice Spito


Продолжительность 00:08:00

Страна Италия


Fausto is a short film that digs into the drives of the collective unconscious, in an introspective journey in which the boundaries between dream and reality become vague and blurred.The protagonist, trapped in a dreamlike loop that inexorably brings him back to his dual identity, moves in a reality where the contrast between horizontal and vertical lines, between matter and spirit is accentuated. The story of Fausto, in its singularity, becomes the story of each of us, because it explores the tensions between morality and instinct that are at the base of the human being and of his way of relating to the world.Faustowritten and directed by Francesca Lolliproduction manager Alice Spitofirst assistant director Elisa Iezzisecond assistant director Andrea Passalacquascript supervisor Alice Massarentedirector of photography Fabrizio Gnoniassistant camera Eran Pensoproduction designer Francesca Lolli, Elisa Iezziediting Francesca Lollicostume designer Mikroboom operator Mattia Nicolaisound mix Mario Parruccinicolorist Fabrizio Gnonisupervisor Mario Parrucciniunit still photographer Jin QuianQuian, Enrica Sacco