The Way

Режиссеры Elvin Aghayev, Shahmar Hashimov

Сценаристы Rashad Suleymanoghlu

Продюсеры Elvin Aghayev

Жанр drama, philosophical, social

Продолжительность 00:15:51

Страна Азербайджан


A young girl travels. She asks herself and all the beings questions. Searching for the evidence of the existence of God she thinks that People's fears made Him exist. The way she chose for herself was full of pain, problems and disasters. As she's not able to find the reason of this, she comes to such conclusion. Leaving God the young girl returns to the world without Him and sank in darkness. Although she tried to commit suicide, she changes her mind at the last moment. Her views to life change. She realizes that the only aim of all the difficulties is to add more colorful contrast to life.