Hotel Oswald

Режиссеры Kim Hotterbeekx

Сценаристы Kim Hotterbeekx

Продюсеры Guido Franken, Yorn Heijnen

Жанр Drama, Mystery

Продолжительность 00:21:58

Страна Нидерланды


Hotel Oswald tells the story of Helen who checks into a hotel. She is there to meet Naomi, who should arrive the following day. The hotel seems rather peculiar. It is very outdated, the hotel employee behaves factitiously/unnaturally and when Helen sits in the garden the next day she realises that something is wrong.However, she forgets about it when Naomi arrives. Helen blossoms and the two of them have a romantic night together. But when Helen comes back to the hotel after going out to buy cigarettes, Naomi is gone and the hotel room is empty. Helen starts looking for Naomi but then it appears that she is being worked against in order to prevent solving this mysterious vanishing.