Режиссёры Zdenko Jurilj

Сценаристы Zdenko jurilj

Продюсеры Tomislav bubalo


Продолжительность 40:02:00

Страна Босния и Герцеговина


On a cold snowy morning of January 6, 1985 Herzegovina was struck by unusually severe winter. Sisters, Šima (18) and Draženka (17) wanted to take the bus from Bogodol village, 20 km away from Mostar, to go and help their mother Radica in colouring the school windows and cleaning the school corridors during the winter breaks. Their father Marko stayed in their village without phone and electricity...After the bus did not arrive due to heavy snowfall, they decide to walk in their attempt to get to their mother. After couple of kilometres of walking, they walk into a steep ten-metre pit filled with ice and snow. They stayed there for seven nights and eight days, keeping worm with their bodies. Fear and hope, faith and uncertainty, hunger and thirst, imagination and reality are intertwined in this claustrophobic piece of “white ground” bounded by high rocks and ice...