Режиссёры Karina Azlanova

Сценаристы Mike Pigskin

Продюсеры Karina Azlanova

Жанр Experimental, Poetry, Avant Garde

Продолжительность 00:04:56

Страна Соединенное Королевство


'Sleep Video' is an exploration into the subconscious mind and a look into the mysticism of the night, obstinate remaining despite the enlightenment of the modern world.As the stream-of-consciousness prose poem 'Conscious Thought from Late Evening Until Morning' that 'narrates' the video suggests, this project attempts to breakdown and visualise the bizarre and fevered chaos of the dreaming mind using rational and matter-of-fact language and imagery. I find black and white highly dramatic, less destructive compared to colour, and it creates a fitting atmosphere for the subject of the film. Sometimes our illogical, obscure, and chaotic dreams are remembered in black and white.