Secret Messages

Режиссёры Jyotiprakash

Сценаристы Jyotiprakash

Продюсеры Sarita Nayak


Продолжительность 00:10:35

Страна Индия


Story of two friends ,one of them is involved with extramarital love with other’s spouse.Priya and Meghna are classmates.When Priya knows about Meghna’s illegal relation with her husband,she decides to reveal all things to Meghna’s husband through messages.She called Meghna in presence of her husband with all the secret messages they had.Priya remind her of all the incidence which had been captured in mobile as secret messages.She tactfully describe all the incidence by giving some other persons example.She makes a story of their classmates and tells the consequence,after having extra marital with her.At last she send all the secret messages to Meghna’s husband.