One of Us

Режиссёры Eduard Boolgar

Сценаристы Eduard Boolgar

Продюсеры Eduard Boolgar

Жанр documentary

Продолжительность 00:14:10

Страна Россия


In our world, more than 7 billion people, more than 7 thousand languages, and the number of people in general can not be counted. And you, reading these lines - one of them.This series of films is created to show people how similar and at the same time different from each other. This movie is about people and for people. It's about one of us and for each of us."One of us" is a series of films where heroes turn directly to the viewer and conduct a dialogue personally with everyone. The viewer can draw his own conclusions, he will have a chance to look at other nations that seem to be different from each other, or on the contrary to see them in himself and understand that everyone on this planet is one of us.