The Sacrifice

Режиссёры Akshay Saseendran MP

Сценаристы Akshay Saseendran MP

Продюсеры Chandran P, Vijayalakshmi


Продолжительность 00:13:33

Страна Индия


Discarding one's faith for an entirely different one is not always a spiritual decision. Most often such decisions are dictated by economic or social or political or psychological or emotional compulsions. Here, in this movie, it is the vengeance against the assassins of his son, which prompts the protagonist to convert to another faith. But, for a man like him, who dons the mantle of the goddess,' karimkali' for the local temple festival, the imprints of his former faith are too deeply entrenched to be erased easily.It is the dilemma of a man caught between two opposing faiths. At the end he struggles in vain to regain his former cultural identity, the hold of which is too strong on him. How religions of various hues make the life hell for the people is the focal point of this movie.