Режиссеры Sara Protti

Сценаристы Sara Protti

Продюсеры Sara Protti


Продолжительность 00:19:00

Страна Италия


Hidden by square water mirrors and the Lomellina woods, protected by the walls of an old farm lies a place where animals live together and learn to trust man again. There are horses, donkeys, mules, hinnies, calves, goats, dogs, geese, chickens: some have experienced cruelty at the hands of man, others have been saved from slaughter.Humans in the farm move with sensitivity among the strings of this delicate balance, communicating with the animals through a body language that is respectful and thoughtful and developing specific ways of being in contact with the animal without using words. Every kind of love is different in its ways, depending on the circumstances and the abilities.I intend to describe the relationship between the animals and their human caregivers and the usual routine of this place suspended over time, where people work every day in favour of life.