Режиссёры Sergei Mikushin

Сценаристы Sergei Mikushin

Продюсеры Sergei Mikushin

Жанр romance, tragicomedy

Продолжительность 00:06:25

Страна Россия


Lelia, a 25-year-old girl in a unisex sports sweatshirt with a barely noticeable make-up and a casual hairstyle, finally meets her peer and an old friend after a long break. Her friend is a blonde girl with a bright appearance and deep neckline.Lelia starts telling her friend about her problems, recording a live broadcast on the social network.Her friend starts to laugh maliciously at the climax of Lelia’s story. Without paying much attention to Lelia’s offense she continues the theme with her own story, which hurts Lelia even more.However, as soon as Lelia notices that she has forgotten to turn off the camera and she has collected many likes, both with her own story and her friend's story, there is no trace of her resentment.A friend is extremely dissatisfied with Lelia’s success, and especially with her unwitting participation in it.But she doesn’t remain upset for long and she is confidently planning a revenge.