What If (Original Title: Wo sie ist)

Режиссёры Linda Gasser

Сценаристы Linda Gasser

Продюсеры Paul Becht, Linda Gasser

Жанр Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama

Продолжительность 00:14:39

Страна Германия


As personal and intimate ones sexuality is, there is a lot of agitation from society. The story of Achille and Eleni is subtle but it is indeed the story of us all. How will big data eventually effect our individual freedom.Achille wants to find a partner by himself. However, in a society where matchmaking has been systematic for generations, it seems impossible to convince a partner on his own. People rather rely on big data than their own potentially faulty intuition. It’s the year 2184, big data is omnipresent and a sophisticated system has been developed to analyze people. Perfect partner recommendations have become the norm. Achille’s queer, human desires seem absurd in this efficiency-oriented world. When he goes in search of that spontaneous, authentic connection, he finds challenges at every turn.