Режиссёры Ranga Bandaranayake

Сценаристы Chamara Prasanna Kodithuwakku

Продюсеры Sri Lanka Rupavahini(TV) Corporation, Government information Department of Sri Lanka


Продолжительность 00:26:00

Страна Шри-Ланка


Land Master, a small hand tractor, is the mode of transportation in that village in Vanni, where bus service is not available. It is a hand tractor, which is the only difference. It serves as the bus for this community. Kanthilatha, a woman in the village, travels with a photograph of her disappeared son by this land master with the intension to find some clue of him. In the meantime a young lady who has come to the camp site from the city, also get on to the tractor to reach the town. During their journey she found that she has lost her mobile. She suggests going back to find her mobile but Kanthilatha rejects her idea saying she needs to go to the town to find her son. However the young lady is not interested in the situation of Kanthilatha as it is not her experience. Then another lady, a Tamil mother, also gets on the tractor to find some information of her missing son. These two mothers explains the young lady that the issue of missing persons is not a personal crisis but a grave common issue and the suffering of mothers in different nationalities doesn't care of the differences in languages. When the tractor reaches the town, two mothers get down from it and go for the office on missing persons leaving huge effect on the lady. In the confusion caused by the story of mothers, she imagines that her own mother running here and there holding a photograph. She runs to her mother and sees that it is her photograph. She then understands that it is merely a vision which is resulted due to her recent experience on missing persons. However it leaves the terror of disappearance in her mind.Sri Lanka is a country which was severely affected from time to time by political instabilities, civil war situations and various struggles. Both the people living in North as well as South have faced such situations. The country looks forward forgetting the large number of persons, who were killed and disappeared during the bleak periods, and leaving black marks on the pages of history. Until year 2015 no action was taken to investigate the cases, bring justice or to listen to the grievances of the affected families. However the new government, which came to power in 2015, took a productive step in 2017 to look in to these issues on forced disappearances, fulfilling a pledge given in the election campaign to the local community as well as the international community. Government has given certain relief to the affected persons by way of establishing an independent commission on missing persons and permanent office for the same in 2017. The story of this short film is focused on the views of the mothers of missing persons and the views of other parties, who are distracted from this experience.