Режиссёры Dibyendu Porel and Suman Das

Сценаристы Suman Das

Продюсеры Pravbhakar Maji


Продолжительность 00:23:17

Страна Индия


Aduri is a village girl with a simple and generous mind set-up. Her in laws are poor and her husband just is capable of earning bread somehow. But Aduri is little bit optimistic. She wants very simple things like a bicycle or to roam around the village with her husband. But the husband scolds her for not being able to earn. One day Aduri meets a young man who is known to her. Once that man came to see her for an arrange marriage but it was not happened. Now the young man offers to flee with him. Showing little bit inclination to their new affair Aduri decides not go with him.