In The Crowd of Mist

Режиссёры Arijit Dey

Сценаристы Arijit Dey

Продюсеры Arijit Dey


Продолжительность 00:15:56

Страна Индия


A place which has a tremendous History in Real, where Ratnakar (the hero of the story) suddenly meet with Suranjana (Main Protagonist of the Story). Ratnakar had a Past view of Suranjana but Now he is not Completely able to Recognize her. Suranjana said she is Ratnakar's creation. A lady Rabeya (the representer of that place), also Suranjana suddenly meet with her, Rabeya said she was waiting for Sanjana and she has a letter for Suranjana. In the past, a Postman was dropped it. Rabeya describes her about the letter and also about this mystic place. Based on Rabeya's clue Suranjan feel it that Ratnakar has a Deep Emotion about her and She responded in the call of Ratnakar's urge. Here the story is based on the mystic relation between creator and creations and the story goes on from the Balmiki's very beginning of the ancient poetic genre to the contemporary Bengali poetic history.