The Graveyard Barber

Режиссёры Lee Yuen Beng

Сценаристы Lee Yuen Beng

Продюсеры Lee Yuen Beng, Chan Chia Huey


Продолжительность 00:09:21

Страна Малайзия


Fancy a haircut…in a cemetery? Barber Kubur documents the journey of Pak Din and his friends who once ran a barbershop in a cemetery…minus the hair-raising experiences and supernatural occurrences. Located in a cemetery in Jalan Perak Penang, the business of cutting hair for the living has however since died a natural death. As the first instalment of the Reel Heritage Series and part of his out of classroom learning experiences, Adrian Lee documents Pak Din’s trade, more than 15 years after a friend asked him, “have you heard of a barber who cuts hair in a cemetery?”