Her Hair

Режиссёры Mohammad Davood Mohammadi

Сценаристы Mohammad Davood Mohammadi

Продюсеры Bran eskili


Продолжительность 00:09:01

Страна Иран, Исламская Республика


Mete's mother going along him to school, after his mother living him at the school he isn't going to school just starting to walk through streets. After a while he is sitting in front of a cosmetic store, bringing out shoe shining supplies and starting to work and collecting money. When he is arriving home he is ecountering his mother's anxiety of his dirty hands and clothes. He is going to his room, continuing some painting.The next day he is repeating his work at that specific store, going in the store and coming out with a parcel in his hand. Before entering home he is dropping down the parcel at the neighbour's opposite apartment. His mother is acting angrily due to facing him that much untidy. He is walking to his room going at the window, looking the apartment, a hairless girl is comming at the window showing up the parcel, going and comming back with a wig and happy face. Boy is sitting at his desk and completing the painting with drawing hairs.