A Little Red Car

Режиссёры Md. Abid Mallick

Сценаристы Md. Abid Mallick

Продюсеры Md. Abid Mallick


Продолжительность 00:13:45

Страна Бангладеш


Lakshmi is a little village girl,she is motherless. Her father narayan is a statue maker. Narayan’s financial situation is not so good. In the meantime, some people have demanded money from them on the phone for several days. One day Narayan went to town to buy some stuff. Before leaving, Lakshmi asked him to bring a red car for her.Narayan tells him that when coming from the city, he will get a red car for her. Narayan goes out to the city, when he returned home in the morning with a red car for Lakshmi, he was not ready for what he saw.