Режиссеры Johanna Bentz

Сценаристы Johanna Bentz

Продюсеры Birgit Schulz

Жанр Animation, short, children, youth, adventure

Продолжительность 00:15:13

Страна Германия


The heroine of the story is a girl called Ola, who becomes friends with a giant. “The Giant” is a fictional film with elements animated using rotoscoping. She hardly finds any room in the tiny apartment but is not allowed to go outside because her family are strangers there. The only place that she can escape to is the roof of the house, where she has secretly set up her own personal retreat. One day, sitting high above the city looking at the sea, she sees a giant washing himself in the bay. He uses the bay as a bathtub, with ships gliding through the waves like rubber ducks. Through a series of winks and grimaces, Ola and the giant begin to communicate with one another …The giant takes Ola on an adventure and shows her how to make the best of difficult situations with humour and imagination. When the giant ends up in difficulties himself, the little girl overcomes her fears and comes up with an imaginative solution. What Ola had been lacking to date was faith in the world and a belief in herself. Which she regains to a certain extent on her travels.