Режиссёры Debaditya Sinha

Сценаристы Debaditya Sinha

Продюсеры Debaditya Sinha, Sagardweep Deb


Продолжительность 00:04:15

Страна Индия


Ratnakar is a four-minute social thriller starring a brother, a sister, and a few phone calls.Ratnakar, in Hindu mythology, was a dacoit, who later became one of Hinduism’s greatest saints, Valmiki. Our protagonist, a modern-day Ratnakar, is a human trafficker who’s waiting for his next prey…his phone rings. His mother stutters, “Your sister’s missing”. A friend-in-crime calls next, bragging about his latest victim. However, the place of this abduction alarms our protagonist, who now has a premonition the girl might be his own sister. He calls his mother frantically to confirm what she'd been wearing. Her answer shatters him. 

Meanwhile, his ‘target’ nears...As he's pondering his next move, his sister appears and says it’s his birthday. She had gone to buy a present, hence the delay. Brother and sister start walking home. He makes one last phone call…to the police. Whether our Ratnakar transforms into Valmiki remains unanswered.