Режиссёры Arpan Dutta

Сценаристы Arpan Dutta

Продюсеры Maria Korkatti


Продолжительность 00:15:20

Страна Финляндия


The short film is based on a dilemma of a girl who got two opportunities at the same time - a chance to be a part of her favourite (music) band or to be a dedicated member of an extremist group. The girl can choose either the constructive path by joining the band or the destructive road by choosing the way of the extremists and their violent activities. The film ends with a resolution along with a message of peace by showing that the girl chose the constructive path not the violence by realising the importance of humanity. This film also highlighted the helplessness of the 'mass' or people of a nation and their vulnerable situations correlated with the contemporary scenario around the globe.