Midnight Mirror

Режиссёры Debanjan Majhi

Сценаристы Debanjan Majhi

Продюсеры Sharonyo Banerjee, Soumya Chatterjee, Debanjan Majhi


Продолжительность 00:21:00

Страна Индия


Midnight Mirror is a film that follows the journey of the famous TV Star Jahnavi, who stars in the mythological daily soap ‘Shakuntala’, while she returns home from a late night party. Being a bit tipsy, she mistakenly books a share cab and finds a creepy man as her co passenger which leads to a long, claustrophobic road trip. The film, mostly shot inside the car, has a subtle undertone and the reflection of how the society reacts to such situations and yet the treatment of the film tries to be blunt and realistic. With no background music to guide the audience, the viewer is placed with the characters inside the car, to feel and understand the situation by ownself.