Yar Welo - Bicycles for Education

Режиссёры Irene Segalés Aguilar

Сценаристы Irene Segalés Aguilar

Продюсеры Irene Segalés Aguilar


Продолжительность 00:15:40

Страна Испания


'Bicycles for Education' was born in Senegal in 2015 as a result of a pilot project being implemented by the NGO Bicicletas sin Fronteras at the Palmarin-Facao Institute.The aim of the project is for students who live further away from schools to have a bicycle during the course so they reduce their commuting time, absenteeism and, at the same time, the energy used to go to school.More than 900 students have already benefited from the 'Bicycles for Education' project, which keeps on growing, in order to be able to renew the actual bicycle fleet in 2020.This report was shot by Irene Segalés in September and October 2019 in Palmarin, Senegal.