Lucky Strike

Режиссёры Marta Schmidt

Сценаристы Bianca Franceza , Tomàs Bayo, Marta Aitana

Продюсеры Marc Vadillo

Жанр Firstlove, relationship

Продолжительность 00:20:00

Страна Испания


Sofía is going to Barcelona for a few days, pretending to visit her best friend Alba, when,actually, she is hoping to reconquer her first love, Lucas, who also lives there. Afraid aboutAlba finding out her real intentions and the need of getting back together with Lucas, driveher to make up a net of lies that gets bigger every day. Finally, she realizes that her trip willbe totally different than expected, that things have changed and that reencountering withLucas won’t be as easy as she thought at the beginning.