In the zone of family happiness

Режиссеры Nataly Khan




Продолжительность 00:13:25

Страна Россия


In 2016 in Russia, 6,230 women left their newborn children in maternity hospitals. In the people of such women are called "cuckoo". It is believed that they are deprived of maternal instincts and lead an antisocial way of life, so 40% of them serve their sentence behind bars. Legislation of the Russian Federation does not provide for the concept of a "lonely father", however, statistics do exist. According to some reports, out of 150 single parents - 149 mothers and only 1 father. This is Sergei. He alone is forced to bring up two three-year-old children. Not walking up, the mother ran away from the family. Caught in a difficult situation, the unprepared mother chose her habitual habitat and is currently serving a sentence in a penal colony for extortion. Realizing the irresponsibility of the former beloved and the fallen responsibility, Sergei takes the upbringing of children in their own hands. Both heroes hope that their vital parallels will no longer intersect.