Between Sky and Earth

Режиссёры Mane Grigoryan

Сценаристы Mane Grigoryan

Продюсеры Mane Grigoryan


Продолжительность 00:22:32

Страна Армения


Is’s story about a 60-year-old shepherd living in one of the villages of Armenia, whohasn’t got married and has no family. He lives with his childhood memories and feelshimself alone. There are no childhood friends too, everyone got married and forgot him,and now mountains, canyons, the nature and animals are his friends. At this age hebegan to philosophize about the life. His relations with the villagers are tense. He hashis own world, where there are only memories that he remembers with pain about andunderstands that such days will be never repeated. And now there are no people in hislife, there are only the nature and animals. He is living among people but withoutpeople/outside of people. He strongly feels the loneliness in the world, but can’t changeanything.