GAME OF CHICKEN (dir. Hajdamowicz)

Режиссёры Karina Hajdamowicz

Сценаристы Karina Hajdamowicz

Продюсеры Karina Hajdamowicz


Продолжительность 00:15:00

Страна Польша


Tony, 14 years old, has a hard time trying to fit in his school environment. When he is bullied by Frank, the leader of a group of boys who plays mobile games, Tony decides to get his revenge. Stealing a knife, he forces Frank to hand over his phone. He uses Frank’s phone to train himself at "The Game of Chicken” a bloody gladiatorial contest. When he finally gets thecourage and skill to challenge Frank, it becomes more than just a battle of pixels on a phone. Tony’s mum is busy juggling her work and duties and she doesn’t have any access to her son's world. She doesn’t realize how difficult adolescence is for her teenage son, which is plagued by numerous obstacles. Tony externally, becomes a young man but internally still requires mother's love, warmth and affection.