The thirst of the fight

Режиссёры Izabela Manolova

Сценаристы Izabela Manolova

Продюсеры Izabela Manolova

Жанр sci-fi, horror, psycho, drama, experimental

Продолжительность 00:03:32

Страна Болгария


The thirst of the fight is the first live-action movie I have completed in my career so far. It is abstract and experimental. How deep can you go into your consciousness? Do you know what is reality and what is the dream? Follow me. Go beyond.I do not own rights to the two songs in the audio. The rights owned are by Florence and the machine - Delilah and Funnel of love from the OST of Only Lovers Left Alive, directed by Jim Jarmusch, music by Jozef Van Wissem