Sankasur : A Folk Art From Konkan

Режиссёры Dhananjay Vasant Mehendale

Сценаристы Dr. Aarya Joshi, Dhananjay Vasant Mehendale

Продюсеры Dhananjay Vasant Mehendale, Dr. Meenal Dhananjay Mehendale


Продолжительность 00:19:54

Страна Индия


Sankasur : A Folk Art From Konkan, is a Marathi Documentary Film based on the Traditional Folk Art form of Konkan. This Folk form is a very well known and preserved traditional form, but is limited to Konkan. This form is a part of 'Shimgotsava' or 'Holi' festival, which comes in the month of March.The laborious locals of Konkan, have played a major role in preserving this art form for many decades. Newer generations are also attracted towards it and are trying their best to learn and present this art form.The costumes, songs, dances are unique in themselves. Not just entertainment, but it also serves as a main source of income for the laborious locals in non farming days.This art form has a mythological as well as devotional background. It is very close to the hearts of people of Konkan.