Режиссёры Rebecca Culverhouse

Сценаристы Rebecca Culverhouse

Продюсеры Pamela Pifferi

Жанр Horror, Drama, Noir, Experimental

Продолжительность 00:03:38

Страна Соединенное Королевство


#eatpretty is an experimental horror short that explores the link between social media, isolation and eating disorders. It follows successful product photographer Anna, who aims for a life filled with perfect moments, inspired by a constant stream of social media feeds, sponsored blogs and fairytales playing on her computer. Yet whenever alone Anna's beautifully curated life is taken over by a growing hunger, and she starts hearing disturbing organic sounds. She controls this by eating pretty things, yet the hunger and sounds become inescapable, until even the men she dates become consumable objects. #eatpretty critiques the insidious influence of advertising and corporations that has seeped into our digital lives. Made of endlessly looping cinemagraphs, it subverts a trendy online medium in order to reflect the impossibility of attaining everlasting perfection, something that we are socially conditioned to strive for. The film contains many hidden references, such as the myth of King Midas, pro-Ana online support groups and the Algonquin cannibal spirit Wetiko - an apt metaphor for modern society’s addictive drive to consume.