Grieving Dreams

Режиссеры Minggar Panji Anggriawan

Сценаристы Agripa Putra Batubara, Minggar Panji Anggriawan

Продюсеры Ezra M. Tambayong

Жанр Drama

Продолжительность 00:17:39

Страна Индонезия


A teenage boy, Singgih (17) often neglect his Father's order, Tarjo (40) to gather a bunch of hay for their livestock. Singgih constanly sneaking behind his father's back to practice dancing which his father against of. While economic pressures families as well as the trauma experienced by Tarjo, his decision to make Singgih a real man has become stronger. Things has only becoming worse when Tarjo stops Singgih to perform on a traditional dancing event. Regardless of every moment he has been trough, Singgih shows the figure of his masculine side in the motion Remo dance which is now slowly disappear by graceful movement of the women dancers.