My Home India

Режиссёры Anjali Bhushan

Сценаристы Anjali Bhushan

Продюсеры Apricot Sky Entertainment


Продолжительность 00:45:00

Страна Индия


Both in films and history books, a lot is spoken and known about theWorld War II, however outside of Poland little is known about whathappened to the Poles who survived Soviet Siberian labour camps and found their way into INDIA. These Poles have different stories to tell but have one common link – KIRA Banasinska.WHO IS KIRA BANASINSKA?The wife of Eugene Banasinski, the first Polish Consul General of Poland in Bombay, 18 years her senior, admired by many men whose affections she gave into even with in her marriage, Kira was perceived as a social butterfly and artistic soul. World War II changed all that. Kira was instrumental in seeing that thousands and thousands of Poles found safe passage and home in India.My Home India is about the fragile but stubborn and strong willed KiraBanasinska’s phenomenal struggle to make a home for the Polish war refugees in India. The film is a rare collection of previously unseen archives combined with first hand testimonies from the survivors - a discovery of the extra ordinary in the ordinary. Personal history is seldom the same as projected history. KIRA did not choose greatness. Greatness chose her. While making a home for them in India, INDIA became her HOME.